Valuable advertising for your business
We have 20+ years of experience in being a crucial part of our client's advertising plans. Reaching out to all your customers is no longer an issue.
GEP Offline
We manage advertising spaces, boosting your visibility for that crucial moment.
GEP Online
We create and manage software giving your product more chances to succeed.
Trade Marketing Platform
We offer an exclusive set of experiences to your customers, from dedicated applications to fidelity programs.
We can help you work more efficiently
We offer your team a full set of tools that will help you create better project solutions instead of spending too much time on planning.
Products that make both your brand and product visible at the right time and place.

GEP Offline
Alarm Beacons
Current technologies provide us with millions of ways to analyze and track your clients. For this and much more, Beacons are the right choice.

Positioning systems
Floor / Wall Vinyl
We easily increase the presence of your brand with beautiful floor and wall vinyls..

Vynil design
Cash register separators
Be the center of attention thanks to our eye-catching separators in your points of sale.

GEP Offline
Air media advertising
We bring you creative ways to expose your product that won't make you go unnoticed.

GEP Offline
Interactive display
Take a step forward and let your customers feel your product like never before.

Audiovisual advertising
Wait no more, let's have a talk and discuss about your idea
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